Beveland Distillers

Planta Santa

Beveland Distillers, a company that has been producing and marketing spirits and distillates for more than 20 years, launches a new mezcal in the international market called PLANTA SANTA.

The agency was selected to be in charge of creating the naming and packaging design of each of the 3 varieties with which it is presented to the market: joven, reposado and añejo.

The origin of the naming of PLANTA SANTA aims to highlight the tradition and purity of the product itself, seeking to reaffirm its authenticity and Mexican origin. The name, created in Spanish to be marketed worldwide, helps to convey this positioning, bringing to mind the green agave plant with which the distillate is produced.

The packaging pursues the objective of conveying the genuinely Mexican character of this legendary product, with a traditional yet elegant and modern look to connect with the current consumer. The logo, created from a typeface inspired by Mexican letters, provides organic shapes that bring to mind the leaves of the agave plant. The subtle decorative elements in white are small flashes of light that reinforce the “sacred” origin of mezcal, with an illustration of the agave and the hummingbird that, according to legend, are the protagonists of story in which this “elixir of Gods” was discovered.


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