Beveland Distillers

Tequila Tres Sombreros

Beveland Distillers is a company that has been producing and marketing spirits and distillates for more than 20 years. Its product portfolio includes Tequila Tres Sombreros, a regional Mexican alcoholic beverage.

The agency was selected to carry out the redesign of this brand, with the task of working on both the labels for its different varieties as well as the external shape of the packaging, all with the aim of doing a better job conveying the origin of the product.

The new bottles, which maintain the brand’s characteristics wooden cap, have been slightly narrowed in the middle. This manages to present a much more dynamic shape to the eye and makes it easier to use and hold the bottle when serving the product. The details on the bottle have also been worked on, adding a subtle relief pattern at the top and bottom that are inspired by Aztec motifs, thus further enhancing its Mexican origin.

The labels have been redesigned, keeping the iconic logo of the three sombreros, but using different earthy tones, which help to convey the artisan character of the tequila. The different shades of cream applied on the label clearly facilitate the identification of the brand’s 3 varieties: Tequila Blanco, Reposado and Añejo, all of which are made with 100% agave.

In short, a major change to the packaging design with the aim of conveying the origin and authenticity of this great product.


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