Beveland Distillers

The Glen Silver’s

Campaign slogan:

“From the original land, the original whisky”

We renewed the image of the products to reactivate their sales.



In 2007, Beveland Distillers, a company that manufactures and markets spirits and distillates, launched its brand of Glen Silver’s Scotch Whisky on the market. 10 years later, they commissioned us to relaunch the brand.



A strategic communication plan was developed under the umbrella of the brand’s claim: “From the original land, the original whisky”. This plan included a graphic campaign that used the brand’s key visuals: the Scottish landscape and its roots; it served as a starting point for the creation of the rest of the actions.
The relaunch action also included the sending of a presentation pack to bartenders, distributors and purchasing managers at shopping centres. The pack contained miniatures presenting the new The Glen Silver’s bottles that had been designed. To support the work of the sales team and the presence of the product at the point of sale, a sales folder and product displays were created, as well as other POS elements and graphics adapted to various advertising media.
Finally, the new product web page was created, a simple and easy-to-navigate page that highlighted the origin of this scotch whisky with photographs of landscapes and typical elements of the region, something that is highly valued in the marketing of the product in countries outside the European Union.



Consolidation of The Glen Silver’s as one of the strategic brands in the Beveland portfolio, both in terms of sales volume and brand awareness in the international market.


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