Beveland Distillers

Jodhpur Gin & Ron Relicario

Beveland Distillers is a company that has been producing and marketing spirits and distillates for more than 20 years. Within its commercial activities, Beveland makes promotional sales packs every year in the retail channel. At the agency, we have collaborated in designing some of them.

Relicario is a high-quality light rum with a Dominican denomination of origin. We designed this pack taking into consideration the legend on which its origin is based, getting inspired by the oak barrels in which it is aged, combining different textures from old maps, aged wood and illustrations with engraving techniques. Inside, apart from the packaging, there should be room for 2 elegant glasses placed in such way as to make them visible, all with the aim of encouraging impulse buying and customer loyalty with the gift that is included. An original pack that conveys the product’s quality.

Jodhpur London Dry Gin is a high-end gin that is inspired by the Indian city that gives it its name, popularly known as the Blue City. Based on these premises, we designed a very visual pack, where the corporate blue takes centre stage. The packaging and the promotional gift can be seen thanks to the large central window that follows the Indian motifs that accompany this gin. The result is an eye-catching pack on the shelf.


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