Beveland Distillers

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The world of spirits is not unfamiliar to us. We have been a part of it on many occasions together with Beveland Distillers, a company that has been producing and marketing spirits and distillates for more than 20 years, with well-known brands such as Glen Silver’s, Jodhpur or Relicario, which we also work for.

At La Bendita, we have collaborated with them in recent years by preparing various catalogues, both for some of its brands and for its annual catalogue of spirits. In the last edition, we proposed putting a twist on what had been done to date, with a very clean and uncluttered design that allows the product to take centre stage, playing with white and silver as the base colours to offer a piece that reflects the prestige of the brands it includes.

The choice of materials, the images, the purity of the backgrounds and their textures are a separate chapter within a project where the simplicity and elegance of the design speak for themselves.


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