Carburos Médica

The Power of Hope

We bring hope to hospitals, children and health professionals.


In 2013, by Carburos Metálicos through its hospital division, Carburos Médica launched “We Are Motivated by Hope”, a solidarity project that was created with the intention of helping to improve the frame of mind and quality of life of hospitalised children, as well as their families and the health personnel who care for them.

Every year, Carburos Médica launches a new version of this initiative during the Christmas season to publicise the project among hospitalised children and their families on the one hand, and among healthcare engineering professionals on the other. On this occasion, the company also wanted to communicate its commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.



To proceed with this initiative, the following concept was created: “The power of hope”, which refers to the potential of hope, to everything that can be achieved if people have hope, a force that is capable of changing the world.
Under this concept and with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the protagonists, we turned to the world of comics and superheroes to create the different pieces that make up the campaign.

At La Bendita Agencia, we were in charge of decorating the Carburos Médica stand at this seminar as well as the visitor’s experience. To do so, we developed an interactive game with which visitors became familiar with the SDGs and the Carburos values through a touch screen and obtained a personalised comic book cover with their photo.

On the other hand, we created a publication for hospitalised children that featured hobbies and activities to make their hospital stay more tolerable. This publication was given to the children during the Christmas season together with a notebook and a tote bag, both decorated with the themes that defined the campaign: superheroes and the SDGs.

Finally, to end the campaign, a Christmas card was created, which was a star of hope that was sent to the clients and friends of Carburos Médica.



Thanks to a communication initiative that integrated different actions and channels, the power of hope served to improve the everyday lives of hospitalised children and the work of healthcare engineering professionals.


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