Awareness campaign

Campaign slogan:

“If you want to go far with your business, go accompanied”


CEDEC, Europe’s leading Strategic Organization Consultancy in management, direction and organization of family businesses and SMEs, requested the creation of an advertising campaign to raise awareness of the company among the target audience, mainly business owners and financial directors.

The corporate identity of the company and the concept conveyed by the company’s claim “Together towards Excellence” had to be reflected, as well as the different services offered to their clients.



Through a graphic style based on watercolor art, a visual campaign was created and executed in a generic piece under the copy: “If you want to go far with your business, go accompanied”, which appeals to the philosophy, corporate identity and commitment that the company acquires with its clients.

In addition, five specific graphics were created to publicize some of the services that the consultancy offers to its clients, each with a specific visual that represents the concept to which it refers; Family Partner, Business Intelligence, Operational Effectiveness, Competitive Advantage and HR and Productivity.

The campaign has been published in different national press media, both general and economic, focused on reaching the defined target audience.



This was the first advertising campaign that the company has launched in our country. Thanks to it, CEDEC’s brand awareness has been increased, generating a significant increase in inquiries and requests for information from new clients.


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