Coca-Cola European Partners


Coca-Cola European Partners asked us for an action that aimed to increase the rotation of its range of products at the consumption points of the GrandValira ski resort (in Andorra).

To do so, we proposed a series of actions that were carried out during 8 alternate weekends at the ski resort itself, focused on a young audience and skiers who value fun initiatives that are out of the ordinary.

The COCA-COLA SPACE was created, a chill out area with beanbags and deckchairs specially designed to withstand low temperatures. We also set up an igloo-style tent with a DJ who played live techno music. All of which was accompanied by the implementation of attention-grabbing activities such as the “Human Shuttle” or the “Human Roller Ball”, which could be accessed for free by presenting a receipt from one of the ski resort’s bars or restaurants after consuming the brand’s drinks.

To publicise this initiative, POS elements were previously installed at all of the ski resort’s consumption points. Thanks to this initiative, the average ticket value for the sale of The Coca-Cola Company products increased throughout the season, and more than 1,000 skiers were able to enjoy the activities that were carried out.

To end the season with a big bang, we actively participated in a large party in the L’Abarset space, where nearly 2,000 people enjoyed live music by DJ Agatha Pher and various activities and gifts that were given to those attending.


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