Advertising campaign

Campaign slogan:

"Make magic in your kitchen"


Just like every year, the Christmas season is a time when many businesses make a lot of their sales. Stores prepare their campaigns to attract customers. And Culinarium, a family-owned business specialising in the distribution of table and kitchenware, is no stranger to this important time of the year.

The objective of the action was to get the public to view Culinarium as an ideal option for buying their Christmas gifts at any of its 24 stores located throughout Spain. To do this, the campaign had to improve brand visibility and recognition among the core target and increase traffic to its stores, both physical and its virtual store on the Culinarium website.



The campaign carried out was part of Culinarium’s positioning as a leading brand of home cooking that, with the right utensils and expert advice, inspires its customers and helps them achieve excellent results in their kitchen and at home.

Thus, with the idea of focusing the communication on what customers achieve with Culinarium, the agency created the concept: “Make magic in your kitchen”, which places value on the creative capacity of its customers.

Based on this concept, various pieces of communication were developed, such as window dressing elements, indoor and outdoor signage for the stores, outdoor advertisements on buses, banners and featured products on the Culinarium website, as well as a radio spot, radio mentions and pieces for the company’s social networks.



As a result of the creation and design of its advertising pieces, both inside and outside its stores, Culinarium obtained a significant increase in sales in all its stores, as well as visits to its website, while increasing brand awareness among its target audience. These actions have undoubtedly helped it in its new expansion plans with the new openings that are planned for Spain.




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