Generalitat de Catalunya

Urban Agenda of Catalonia

Campaign: “Fem ara les ciutats que volem”



The Urban Agenda is an initiative of the Assemblea Urbana de Catalunya whose purpose is to design, plan and promote the Catalan cities of the future, taking into account all those elements that make up cities from a social, economic, environmental and governmental point of view. We were hired to publicise the Urban Agenda, its mission and activities among the entire population.



The agency created the slogan: “Fem ara les ciutats que volem” (Let’s make the cities that we want now) to clearly and directly sum up the objective of the Urban Agenda. Under this conceptual umbrella, we developed the visual identity  of the Urban Agenda as well as the design of various communication pieces: graphic materials and visibility elements to use in events, as well as 6 videos for each of the core areas on which the work of the Urban Agenda is based and which were disseminated through social networks and other online channels of the Urban Agenda of Catalonia.



The campaign was very well received by both the entities that are part of the Urban Agenda of Catalonia and the public it targeted.




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