GM Cash's Store Brands

Campaign slogan:

“The super shopping cart”

We activated sales with tactical actions
  THE BRIEFING GM FOOD is made up of a group of leading companies in the food distribution sector in Spain. Among them, GROS MERCAT – GM Cash stands out, with 67 centres focused on selling to wholesalers and professionals in the restaurant and hospitality industry. The objective of the action was to communicate to professional clients (both regular and occasional) its wide assortment of store-brand products (Mical, Micaderm and Gourmet brands), conveying the good value for money they offer and thus increasing their sales.   THE IDEA A promotional campaign called: “The GM Cash Super SHOPPING CART” was proposed, a very visible promotion in which participants could win big prizes if they guessed the exact price of the contents of the Super Shopping Cart, full of stored-brand products. To communicate the promotion, a series of materials was developed, both online and offline, which encouraged participation throughout the 3 weeks the action took place. Among these materials, in each of the 67 GM Cash centres, a POS super shopping cart was made, measuring 3 metres tall by 2 metres long, in addition to other visibility elements. The participation mechanism was simple: for the purchase of more than €20 in store-brand products, the customer received a coupon to participate in a giveaway, all channelled through a landing page that we created specifically for this campaign.   THE RESULTS In the 3 weeks of the campaign, we had 4,579 registered entries, for a total of 2,751 unique entries. All of which contributed to a significant increase in the sales of store-brand products during the promotion period.


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