GNV, Grandi Navi Veloci

Advertising campaign

Campaign slogan:

“Dream, sail, remember”


The Italian shipping company GNV, Grandi Navi Veloci, continues with its strategy of introduction and expansion in the Spanish market with the help of La Bendita Agencia. For the summer campaign 2022, the shipping company expanded its services, adding the island of Menorca to its routes and daily connections with Barcelona and Valencia.

From La Bendita Agencia we were in charge of the creation and production of the summer campaign with the aim of further increasing the awareness of the GNV brand among its target audience (visitors to the Balearic Islands, especially families) to drive traffic to the brand’s website and travel agencies and, finally, to increase the number of bookings and tickets sold.


On a creative level, the message we wanted to communicate was that of GNV as a brand that connects the hopes and expectations of the travelers with the tourist destination, in this case the Balearic Islands. This explains the verbalization: “Dream, sail, remember”, which briefly and directly appeals to this role of the company as a facilitator, as an intermediary between the desire to travel and the enjoyment of the journey.
Thus, based on the audiovisual material provided by the company, together with new material, we created a TV spot which, using the resource of “slices of life” and the multi-screen technique, showed different situations representative of the GNV travel experience. The media plan also included outdoor media, such as buses in Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona, advertising on the Valencia train, digital screens in the Madrid and Barcelona metro, various radio spots and OPIS on digital screens in the main shopping centers in the three cities. In terms of graphics, the campaign was extended with various inserts in Lecturas magazine during the month of June.



As a result of the campaign, GNV has achieved a considerable increase in brand awareness, a substantial increase in visits to the GNV website and the sale of practically all the tickets on the lines connecting the Balearic Islands with Barcelona and Valencia during the months of June, July and August.


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