GNV, Grandi Navi Veloci

Advertising campaign

Eslogan campaña:

"We sail for each one of you”


The Italian shipping company GNV has entered the Spanish market to cover the ferry routes from Barcelona and Valencia to the Balearic Islands. It was in need of an agency in Spain that, in a first phase, would help it adapt its campaigns targeting the final consumer in order to subsequently create and manage new advertising actions in our country.

On the other hand, a specific freight transport campaign needed to be created, targeting companies in Mallorca that transport their products to peninsular Spain; a relevant business for GNV.

In both cases, a specific media plan had to be created to impact the target of each campaign.



Building upon the Italian campaign “We sail for each one of you”, in Spain we launched several campaigns throughout the year. We used outdoor media, as well as buses in Valencia and Barcelona, digital screens in the underground stations in Barcelona, a spot for TV channels in Catalonia, as well as the creation of several radio spots.

The main objective was to reinforce the presence of the brand, its logo and its ferries in all actions; using summer images focused mainly on a family audience that is looking for a cost-effective and practical means of transport for their summer trips to the Balearic Islands.



As a result of all these campaigns, a significant increase in awareness of the GNV brand has been achieved, one of the main objectives that was set, in addition to an increase in visits to their website and in purchases of the different offers available, reaching a high occupancy rate on all their routes from peninsular Spain.



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