HERETIC herbs liqueur Launch and brand activation actions


HERETIC is a new herbal liqueur created by the Teichenné company based on a traditional recipe from the mid-19th century using a selection of 36 herbs and botanicals from the Ariège valleys in the Pyrenees. Based on the symbol of the two opposing crosses and the slogan “Godlike Spirit” created by Teichenné, we were responsible for the presentation and activation of this new brand at several points of contact with its consumers.


Based on the origins of the brand and its storytelling, we developed different pieces to introduce the HERETIC brand to the target audience and generate interest in the product. From the agency, we designed the product pack and for the brand’s Instagram profile, we created publications and stories with the three teaser videos previous to the product launch in March 2022 and a video-resolution where the bottle was unveiled in April 2022.


We also created the sales folder to present the product to the HORECA channel, as well as different visibility and merchandising elements. More recently, as part of the brand’s strategy to promote its presence at trade fairs and music festivals, we created a graphic advertisement to present the product in the magazines of these events.


The brand is being well received by the public. The channel values the quality of this herb’s liqueur, as evidenced by the various international prizes the product has won. With regard to consumers, its presence in punk, hardcore and metal music circles is particularly noteworthy, where it is generating good engagement with this early-adopter audience.


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