Imazona Estudio


Imazona Estudio is a decoration and interior design company that specialises in tailor-made projects, both for individuals and companies. The studio needed to have a storefront on the internet to reinforce its presentation and positioning.

We had the opportunity to create a web page that would explain their business in a very visual way with elegance and ordered content, reorganising the services to make it stand out from its competition as much as possible, while also participating in writing the texts according to SEO criteria.

A very simple CMS was chosen so that the company itself could add or change the projects displayed on the web, also designing a contact form to allow interested parties to define in a very clear way the reason for contacting them and thus improve the response from the company.

True to the essence of Imazona, the site places a lot of emphasis on the images, which are large with small texts only when necessary, resulting in a modern website where interior design is made to shine.


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