Mitsubishi Electric


We created campaigns to launch products throughout Europe


Mitsubishi Electric – Photo Printing Solutions launched a new PhotoPrintMe! product on the European market, a photographic printing system that allows customers to access a wide variety of products and formats through a mobile device or PC.

To communicate this new product, it commissioned the agency to develop a launch strategy, including everything from the creation of the graphic image of the new product to all the communication tools needed to present it to the European market, with the aim of accelerating its introduction and generating the maximum number of sales.



The final target of PhotoPrintMe! were the owners of shops, whether photo stores or those from any other sector that wanted to generate some extra business not necessarily related to that of the store itself; all of them had to be impacted through the implemented network of distributors and sales agents in the different countries.

To do so, at La Bendita we created the entire B2B launch campaign, from the design of the logo to the communication materials, with a current and attention-grabbing code that included sales tool for the sales team, an online catalogue for the end consumer, visibility materials for the point of salea website and promotional videos, all of which was translated into more than 10 languages.



In the first few months of its launch, PhotoPrintMe! exceeded the established sales targets, managing to penetrate a market as mature as that of photographic printing.


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