Nordic Mist

Value-Added Actions

Coca-Cola European Partners Iberia asked us to create, design and produce various value-added actions focused on their points of sale. The latest trends in the cocktail industry are presented to baristas and bartenders, all with the aim of positioning the Nordic Mist tonic as a quality mixer for making their cocktails.

At the agency, we searched for the latest developments in the sector, the most innovative resources focused on the world of cocktails, current tools for creating new and surprising nuances in the cocktails offered at their establishments. Thanks to Nordic Mist, baristas are at the forefront of trends in the sector.

The expression of these elements is translated into a series of promotional packs that are delivered to baristas. Along with the different products that are presented, the packs include an explanation of the products and advise for how to use them.

A highly anticipated series of actions in the establishments that help consolidate the Nordic Mist tonic as a quality mixer.


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