Optim Dose

Campaign slogan:

“The optimal dose for your health”

How to advertise a new product among healthcare professionals and the general public.



The food supplements sector has been experiencing tremendous growth in recent years. In this context, Nutrition & Santé developed a new concept of cutting-edge food supplements that stand out from the rest because they are specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of the Spanish population.
Optim Dose, therefore, offers just the right dose, taking into account the eating habits of the Mediterranean diet and culture.



In the first phase, we created communication materials –aimed both at the company’s commercial network and at the opinion leader in the sales channel: pharmacies– in line with the claim and concept: “The optimal dose for your health“.
In a second phase, targeting the end consumer, an educational communication strategy was proposed based on firm arguments about the product and on achieving visibility in the end consumer from the point of sale.

Visibility elements were designed to advertise the brand and its entire range of products among the target audience, both in the sales channel itself and in the digital environment, where the www.optimdose.eswebsite was launched, which houses extensive information on these food supplements in two different areas: consumer and health professionals. The latter area is equipped with a pharmacy locator of those that are specialised in providing advice and selling these types of products.

When it came to the educational side and presenting the key arguments of the product to the professional public, we created an extensive “Reference Guide for Pharmaceutical Professionals”, with the endorsement and collaboration of Dr Serra Majen, President of the Spanish Foundation for Nutritional Research. In addition, a custom product presentation kit was designed to deliver to pharmacies, as well as a product display and information brochures on the entire Optim Dose product range.

Regarding the communication targeting the end consumer, materials were created for the point of sale: displays and product exhibitors, as well as brochures for the consumer, where the entire product line was presented.



Once the initial phase of its launch had passed, Optim Dose has gained market share and consolidated its products in a highly competitive market.


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