biManán Cream of Cereal and Seeds

Within its range of meal replacement creams, biManán launches two new products: Oats & Quinoa with Berries and Oats & Cacao with Chocolate Chips. For this extension of its range, at La Bendita Agencia we evolved the design to highlight their palatability, the texture of the creams and their ingredients. Starting with the kraft paper background and the fonts, which are common throughout the range, we tried to highlight the product through an extreme close-up and a description around the bowl.

The image shows a ready-to-eat dish, where a spoon allows us to see the creaminess and consistency of the creams. By including pieces of fruit, oats and cacao in the image, we manage to draw attention to their palatability, while the spoon with a wooden handle gives them a premium touch that differentiates them from other similar products with a tendency to be more like baby food than an appetising cream. Regarding the graphic resources and the chromatic range, they help to highlight the pieces of cereal and other ingredients, using red for the berry cream and brown for the cacao cream, serving as another element to give the creams their own personality on the shelf.


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