Dietisa Resgri

On the occasion of the launch of Resgri Día and Resgri Noche, two new products focused on alleviating cold symptoms, Dietisa (a company integrated within the Nutrition & Santé Group) commissioned us to create two types of packaging that would convey their effectiveness and naturalness.

The composition of the pack is divided into blocks that clearly separate the different levels of information, among which the illustration of the visual key stands out, showing the product’s mechanism of action through an image that merges the technical language of illustrations from science books with the naturalness of plants that create the shape of the respiratory system. Given how well it was accepted in this launch, Dietisa asked us to modify the design of Resgri Sobres, a powdered food supplement that helps to calm down and soothe a sore throat. This product followed the same line of design as that created for Resgri Día and Noche, with green as the identifying colour representing thyme, its main base ingredient.


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