biManán Snack Waffers

With the intention of offering a weight control product that allows people to snack between meals in a balanced way, Waffers was born, the sweet snack by biManán that is perfect for incorporating the healthy habit of having 5 meals a day.

The Waffers image was based off of three basic concepts: highlighting the crunchy product, highlighting the palatability of the chocolate base, and conveying the key benefit of the product, which is being able to snack between meals as a healthy option.

To do so, the cookies were created from retouched photos in 3D and illustrations of the rivers of chocolate, vanilla and yogurt were made among which the snack emerges, in such a way as to enhance the rich and intense flavour of the product.

To highlight the concept of “snacking between meals”, a clock icon was designed on the facing, in which the 2 ideal periods of time for snacking are marked.


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