Biform Poderes

Biform, a brand specialising in weight control for the health food store and herbal remedies channel, launched its first fruit and vegetable concentrates with the synergistic POWER of plants – food supplements based on plants, vegetables and fruits.

The challenge was to maintain consistency with the other ranges, while modernising the communication style of the pack and drawing attention to the naturalness of the product, highlighting each of their ingredients. Each of the packs had to differentiate themselves from the others, taking into account their effect: PODER ROJO (“red power”) as a fat-burner and antioxidant, PODER VERDE (“green power”) as a detox and fluid elimination programme, and PODER NARANJA (“orange power”), with its flat belly and slimming dual action.

The result was three clearly differentiated packs thanks to the use of colour both in their design and in the photographs taken, products that adapt to the latest trends in shakes.


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