Parc Roques Blanques Cemetery


The Roques Blanques Cemetery is unique and surprising. It is located in the middle of nature, in the Collserola Natural Park (right outside of Barcelona), providing families with both traditional graves and other very innovative types of graves for ashes.

The objectives of the design and programming of this website were meant to update the look & feel in accordance with the new image and branding of the cemetery, as well as to communicate both its complete selection of products and services along with details on each product, and, finally, to make it easier for users to contact the cemetery’s management team.

On a technical level, the website is based on the same layout as the group’s other 11 websites. Thus, a common architecture was created for all of them and a customised CMS that greatly facilitates the management of the group of websites for ÁLTIMA’s cemetery division managed by the agency.


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