We designed and organised the first edition of YAMAHA MT-FEST, an exclusive event for owners of MT models. The experience focused only on its clients and took place on June 8th and 9th in Tuéjar (Valencia), bringing together 400 motorcyclists and their companions, some of whom travelled more than 500 km to attend the event.

MT-FEST was born with the aim of becoming a meeting point for MT RIDERS, a space to share experiences and enjoy a weekend in the purest MT style, a unique meeting point where they could test different models from the MT range and have fun participating in animation activities related to Japanese culture and the world of motorcycles with games, contests, raffles and shows. 

In addition, Monster Energy actively participated in  MT-FEST, who is a sponsor of the Yamaha competition team, along with stunt riders Edu Rodríguez, one of Spain’s best, and Rafa Pasierbek from Poland (Stuner13), European Champion and Official Stunt Rider of Yamaha Europe, who delighted the audience with their spectacular stunts.


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