New TMAX Launch

Campaign slogan:

“Welcome to a new level”

We create campaigns for iconic products




The TMAX is an iconic YAMAHA product, one of the Japanese brand’s flagships. Every new release of the model is highly anticipated by the market and its users.

In mid-2017, the new TMAX was launched, which represented a great improvement in terms of aesthetics and performance compared to its predecessor. This model has a high rate of renewal, having sold more than 230,000 units throughout Europe, with it being the best-selling maxi scooter in history.

Yamaha’s objective was to advertise the new TMAX by reinforcing the brand’s prestige and anticipating sales with prior reservations at official dealerships, impacting TMAX owners, the media and potential buyers of this prestigious high-end model.



With the “Welcome to a new level” concept, an aspirational campaign was adapted that we implemented sequentially, giving priority to current TMAX owners with a direct marketing action that included a premium product catalogue.

Later, an official presentation event was organised focused on the press, current and potential customers and influencers, and an important advertising campaign was carried out, both on and offline, which included a television spot. Additionally, actions were created to promote the point of sale itself (dealers).



The communication and sales objective for the new model exceeded the objectives set by Yamaha Spain, achieving the number of forecasted sales in its first year of launch. The campaign also generated high media coverage, consolidating the TMAX’s leadership in a market as competitive as that of maxi-scooters. Spain was the country that generated the most sales, with the strategy that was carried out being awarded at the European level.


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