New Direct Sales Strategy

Campaign slogan:

“When you know what you're looking for, you know where to find it”


Yamaha Spain has implemented an important change in its sales strategy in 2020, becoming the first generalist motorcycle brand to market its products exclusively at Official Yamaha Dealers and Points of Sale.

Thus, Yamaha is no longer selling its products through subagents and multi-brand spaces but rather is marketing its products exclusively at official points of sale, an extensive network of more than 200 points that cover the entire domestic territory in Spain.

The objective of this change is to further its commitment to quality, not only of its products, but also of the shopping experience, offering its customers even more and better services and, by extension, improving the quality of its after-sales service, placing the consumer at the undisputed centre of its overall strategy.



To communicate this new commercial strategy, we created the slogan: “ When you know what you’re looking for, you know where to find it” that creatively expresses this change in business model and that appeals to the extensive knowledge that customers and fans of the automotive world have of the product and the brand.

The campaign has several versions of graphic advertisements to be used in specialised magazines from the automotive world, as well as generalist media and outdoor media (buses, digital signage and billboards). These pieces were personalised with the addresses of each official dealer according to geographical areas.

As for online media, a complete display advertising plan and posts on different social networks were created, as well as a specific section on the Yamaha Spain website where the customer can learn more about the advantages that come with the new brand marketing strategy and a dealer locator. Additionally, a press release was distributed to the industry media and the mainstream media.


THE RESULTS Thanks to the campaign, visits to the brand’s points of sale and to the website have increased. Social media posts have achieved a large number of interactions and requests to test drive the motorcycles have increased dramatically. Visits to dealerships and after-sales service actions have remained high despite the current pandemic situation in Spain.


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