Collaborating agency with Children's Villages Spain.

ALDEAS INFANTILES SOS is a non-profit, private, interdenominational and independent children’s aid organisation.

Present in 134 countries, its role focuses on child development, helping the most vulnerable families, protecting children who have been deprived of parental care and accompanying young people until they become mature, self-sufficient and well-integrated into society.

We are proud to collaborate with them as a “builder of the present”, and we invite all our friends, clients and collaborators to participate in this initiative through their website:

Agency collaborating with the Barcelona Banc dels Aliments Foundation

The Barcelona Banc dels Aliments Foundation is a non-profit charity whose main objective is to fight against food poverty and contribute to sustainable development. To achieve this, its basic function is to avoid wasting food, recovering surpluses or through donations and grants, to distribute it regularly to charities throughout the year and, in this way, reach vulnerable people in precarious situations in our environment. You can visit our page on the Bancs del Aliments here.